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Security equals Success

As economic owner or executive, you have to prepare your organization for the new normal of increased security requirements.


The critical importance of your organization's security capacities is increasing due to legal requirements and the higher expectations of all stakeholders.


Our measures for organizational development implement ÖNORM and ISO standards and are based on leading best practices from special functions within state security.

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Action Required

In light of more intense threats and an increasingly strict legal framework, executives are under pressure to implement preventive measures against economic crime and industry espionage to protect the human capital, intellectual property, and reputation of the company they are responsible for. A study of Germany’s BKA finds an increased number of companies mandate professional services firms to find innovative solutions to protect the assets of an organization against internal and external attacks.

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Be proactive

in face of serious threats

31 %

57 %

€ 10 bn.

of companies have fallen victim to industry espionage.

current or former employees responsible for the damage.

annual damage to Austria economy due to industry espionage, sabotage and data theft.

49 %

report incidents related to economic crime & fraud. 2016: 36%

Source: PwC Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018 (Link)

68 %

of external perpetrators are frenemies, i.e. agents, external service providers, suppliers and clients.

Source: PwC Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018 (Link)

5 %

of annual revenues are lost on average due to economic crime and fraud.

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Effective Prevention

Taking into account the perspective of potential aggressors, we create security capacities that substantially reduce the probability of risk events and allow our clients to react to attacks in the right way. Processes, policies, and guidelines are matched precisely to your organization’s targeting profile thanks to our unique Strategic Scenario Mapping © approach. The businesses we protect continue to be successful even in the new normal of more intense and dynamic security challenges.

Unique Experience

As an advanced and innovative professional services firm we combine decades of experience in State Security in Austria and abroad with expertise in the fields of Business, Finance, Law, and IT. Our clients benefit from this unique experience in the form of preventive measures that demand a clear understanding of the protected business. As a strong partner at your side, we find tailor-made solutions to master all security challenges when a risk event occurs.

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